Thursday, 17 December 2015

Back from the future

I'm just back from Dublin where we went to review the Microsoft Azure data centre.

I can't say too much because of NDA but I think it's ok to say 'wow'.

Cloud isn't anything magical and ethereal it's essentially a load of big data centres and some clever software over the top.  However that's really doing it an injustice.

The scale and attention to detail is just astonishing.

If you think you can run an IT operation or data centre better than that you need to visit a padded cell.

A big barrier to Cloud adoption is that of trust.  Do I trust their procedures?  Do I trust their infrastructure? Etc

It's safe to say one of the roles most untrusting or Cloud is that of the Security Manager.  We are lucky enough to have an open minded one that is up for change but even then it's job to distrust...

Think it's fair to say he's placated! Well at least from a physical security and operations point of view.

The place is so process driven to the most minimal of detail.  For example cutting up old disks in millimetre pieces and having multiple pairs of eyes ensure that they are disposed of appropriately.  

Azure data centres are annally retentative.  

In a good way....

This has to be the future - everything else seems amateurish in comparison.


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