Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Interesting (ish) blog stats

You are probably a man
You are probably 30-40
You are probably in the USA
You are probably using Firefox
You are probably using Microsoft Windows (would have thought iOS)
You probably found the site via LinkedIn
You probably read an average of 4 blog posts
You probably spend 5-10 minutes on the site before moving off

The blog receives anywhere between 200-500 visits a day which is surprising (to me anyway!).  Especially as I don't post daily and secondly because it's largely a stream of consciousness rather than a well structured piece of journalism.

Not exactly Google scale but each one of those visitors comes to the blogs on purpose (via a Twitter, LinkedIn or devops.com referral).  No one comes via Google.  Excellent SEO :)

That's kind of interesting to me because that's 500 DevOps people (so nicely targeted) rather than 500 member of the general public that find the site by accident and much more than I would have thought.



  1. Is it strange to you then that despite writing about DevOps and your blog stats saying potentially 500 DevOps people visit your site - there is not a single comment, argument, enhancements on what your thoughts are and if they are in line with what some of these experts are doing in the field?
    Point to ponder? :) I am one of those who came across your blog via twitter by the way while reading about DevOps :)

  2. Hi Neo! There are a couple of comments but yes it is a little odd.

    Any ideas how to encourage some dialogue/challenge?

  3. Hi Jonathan,

    I work for a company that's starting to look at devops with null to null point five interest, I've been trying to push things forward and reading online a lot, I've been learning ansible, jenkings and AWS on my own, but obviously it's not enough, I need to get real exposure (and pay bills at the same time) I can't just quit my job and I can't find a devops role as I have no exp.

    Is there any place where I can get some real exp while maintaining my current job?


    I got here while searching for "moving to devops" as I'm trying (for the 547th time) to get facts and methods to "evangelize" my bosses :) yours was google's 4th suggestion

  4. Hi! Hope all is good with you.

    If I were in your shoes I'd go rogue. Go and build some little proof of concept and then give people a demo on things like CI or CD.

    Better to ask for forgiveness than seek permission.

    Once people start to see something tangible it might start to get some more interest and traction.

    And/or try and work out how much things cost you know (time, quality) and how a DevOps way of working might improve on those.

    If that still doesn't work then you might be fighting a lost cause. Some people are totally opposed to change.

    Getting experience is a wide topic because it depends on what you want to do. DevOps is q cultural idea so do you want to get into the leadership side or the more technical?

  5. Hi,

    thanks for answering, I've done some presentations and in fact a couple of demos showing some installations with ansible, even with a cron job, nothing fancy, but a tangible proof of what I beleive is the way to go, to be honest I think they want to wait for me to calm down and present it as their idea... haha! like I want medals or credit, I'm interested in learning and doing things rather than sitting around all day doing the same things over and over again, too many people involved in old school software development, I'm interested on the technical side, git, docker, chef, puppet, like a kind in a candy store, really don't know where to begin.