Saturday, 26 July 2014

DevOps isn't automation

Perhaps I'm getting older and more and more like my father.  More intolerant or, at least, less likely to hide discontent or my  view of the world.

Perhaps this is why it makes me an angry and frustrated bear when I constantly hear DevOps being used as a word for automation.

LinkedIn for example is full of DevOps "experts" and forums talking about "doing DevOps". 

Deployment Automation != DevOps

DevOps is a culture of shared goals and incentives.

Deployment Automation may help you to get there if your shared goals are to get things into production faster and in a more consistent state.  However there are lots of other things to consider which also affect this.  If your Release Manager only let's 1 deployment into prod a month then it doesn'tatter how much faster you've done your non production systems. As I've said before DevOps is much more than 'dev' and 'ops'.

I need a little lie down and to get out of the heat.

Sorry for shouting 

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