Tuesday, 15 July 2014


The traditional definition of DevOps relates to changing the culture between the development and operation teams so they can reach shared end goals.

Thoroughly bought in that. Great.

But what about everyone else? Dev's and Ops aren't the only people involved in making change.

In my eyes, the term "DevOps" isn't not really just about Dev vs. Ops.


It’s about all the functions that come together to achieve meaningful change.

You might as well call it DevBizTestReleaseThingyOps.

To that, I'm starting to evolve my definition and understanding of this "DevOps" thing.

The business and techies (inc testers, BA's etc) should have shared goals and have shared incentives (not necessarily exclusively). Where possible they should be sat around the same desk. The team should rise and fall collectively (there is no "us and them"). The team should manage change from cradle to grave (requirements, build, test, deploy, support).

Ok so there is a lot of where "possible" in that paragraph but hopefully you get my point...


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