Thursday, 9 July 2015

Don't believe what I tell you

I presented at the Computing DevOps summit in London yesterday which was great and I met some really nice people.

There were some really interesting presentations from individuals and the usual bombardment of tooling choices from vendors.

Most of the people I spoke to at the event came from the "where do we start" camp with adopting DevOps.  It surprises me how immature the idea still is across the Enterprise - there are far more that haven't even started vs. the ones that are "doing" it.

I listened to a few panellists speak and a couple of presentations but it struck me that after a few hours no one could arrive at a common definition of "What is DevOps"? 

If we can't define it then how on earth can we put a process together for adopting it?

Before my session I asked the audience to stand up and put their hands on their heads which they obligingly did without question.

The pic is a bit dark but it amused me to get people to do this!  Power Hungry PowerPoint Fiend.

The point of this though was not to "follow the leader".  DevOps is a cultural idea - what it means to you and how to implement it will change between different companies.

For many, the pursuit of DevOps is in response to increasing the pace of change.

For some its about increasing quality.

Or it could be about reducing costs.

The point is that you need to work out what you are trying to achieve and you need to land on your own definition of what DevOps is.

Listen to me and others.  But don't blindly follow us. 

DevOps is an ideology so its open to interpretation and that's a good thing.

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